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Massage for Pain Relief

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Don't let pain slow you down. . .

Massage therapy has been used in many societies, both ancient and modern, for thousands of years.  The healing benefits of massage are well documented in both western and eastern medical forums.  Experience the life giving qualities of massage today!


The perfect idea for that special occasion -- birthdays, anniversaries, wedding gifts, ora new mom and dad. You can't go wrong with the gift of massage. Please call to arrange payment and to pick up your gift certificate. 940-595-1889


Receive a 10% discount on your next massage when you refer a friend or family member!  Discount will be given after referred client makes a purchase.  Does not apply to gift certificates.


  • "I had alot of neck pain due to tight muscles and I got an hour massage from Laura and by the time I got up off the table I was so much better thanks Laura"
    Mickey S
  • " had a great experience with Laura DePiazza. She is very friendly and is well trained to give the very best massage. My entire family goes to her. Your going to love her."
    F Hampton